Arrive 15 minutes before Mass.

If you cannot make a Mass it is your responsibility to get a substitute.

  • Altar servers should participate fully in the Mass reciting responses and prayers and singing hymns.
  • When preparing for Mass, always genuflect if passing in front of the tabernacle.
  • Always be reverent and respectful. This will add to the prayerful experience of the congregation.

If an altar server is not carrying anything, hands should be folded in a prayerful manner.

Altar Server Names and Numbers


Emily Gonthier 384-3202


Gabriel Thomas 1 720-273-1662


Dacota Thomas 705-4913


Lleyton LaDue 769-1909


Lindsay LaDue 769-1909


Hayden Bullock 384-6077


Stephen Wagstaff 384-4826