Co - Presidents:   Kathy Wolfe & Pat Fetterly

Vice President: Carol O'Brien Gonthier

Secretary:  Laurie Dufresne

Treasurer:  Donna Raab

The Altar Rosary Society meets the 1st Monday of each month at the Church of the Visitation Parish Hall. (Unless otherwise noted.)

The primary purpose and goal of the society is to praise and honor the Blessed Mother, to secure her patronage by recitation of the Rosary and for the mutual spiritual benefit of all members throughout the world. Entrusted with the care of the altar, their duty is to provide and maintain a suitable dwelling place for Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Rosary Society is both spiritual and social and acts as a fundraiser, assisting at parish events. All ladies of the parish are encouraged to join. 

Recitation of the Rosary begins the monthly meeting. 

Recitation of the Rosary at the wake of a deceased Rosarian, her spouse, or child. Honor guard at the funeral of a deceased member.

Responsibilities include cleaning and care of the altar on a weekly basis.

Fund raising activities for the benefit of the church.