Catholic Family Ministry exists to:

~         Promote the Catholic Vision of Family Life and the deepening of Family Spirituality.

~         Recognize and support the values and traditions inherent in the ethnic and religious

            heritage of families as a source of strength for the Church.

~         Foster and develop working partnerships between families, church, and social

           institutions in order to better serve the needs of families.

~         Act in the role of advocate for the social justice concerns of families by assisting in the

            assessment of the impact of organizational, community, church, and governmental

            policies, programs, ministries, and services on the lives of families.

~         Coordinate existing family programs and assist in the discovery and development of

            additional needed resources and services requested by clergy, religious and laity within

            the diocese of Ogdensburg.

~         Encourage the development of a family perspective in all church ministries.

~         Assist individual families and parishes in their roles as family ministers.

"No plan of organized pastoral work at any level must ever fail to take into consideration the pastoral area of the family." (Pope John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, 70)

Family Ministry

Family Ministry enables and encourages families with children to share and strengthen the gifts of family.  It provides social opportunities for families to gather with other Church of the Visitation families.  It provides family enrichment programs or resources (such as marriage enrichment or parent training programs) and opportunities to learn about faith as a family unit, and provides opportunities for outreach as a family unit.  Activities are often offered in conjunction with the religious education program at the parish.  Exact dates and times of sessions will be posted in the parish bulletins.

We have chosen to name our family ministry, Lift – Off

Some of the activities that we do over the course of the   year are:

Holy-Ween Harvest   – a safe haven for parish members to gather for some Halloween activities.

Shiverfest – A   community gathering on Epiphany to share in a blessing, bonfire, sledding,   games, food and fun.

Game Night – On   Fat Tuesday, we gather for an assortment of games, culminating in a group   Jeopardy game, along with food and fun.

Summer Social   Children’s Midway – A variety of midway games and activities for the   parents to bring their children to while enjoying the summer social.