The Gabriel Project is a parish based ministry providing help to pregnant women in need.  It can be described as a Good Samaritan approach towards helping women who are in crisis pregnancy.  The church community responds in a loving, unconditional, and non-judgmental manner to the woman.  Through the Gabriel Project the Catholic Church is a witness to the community of the infinite and healing love of God.  A trained volunteer called an Angel is assigned to the mother when she calls in for help and is responsible for ongoing contact with her.  Through the Gabriel Project the mother can receive the love, care, material help spiritual and the emotional support she needs.  The Gabriel Project is the work of the Holy Spirit and is educational, evangelical and pastoral.  The Gabriel Project began as a parish project in a handful of churches in the United States.  Once of the parishes was St. Michael's Catholic Church in Houston, Texas.  The pastor placed a sign in front of the church stating his church would help a woman in a crisis pregnancy.  In 1990, Rex Moses saw the sign at St. Michael's and brought the idea to the Corpus Christi Diocese.  By 1991 the Houston Diocese signed up.  In 1992 the Diocese of Austin brought it to their diocese.  Today there are many churches throughout the U.S. who are active in this ministry.

Did you Know?

 The Gabriel Project was started in our Diocese of Ogdensburg over 7 years ago.

 Our Lady of Victory (OLV) Church in Plattsburgh was the first to begin this parish based ministry to pregnant mothers.

 There are presently eleven Gabriel Projects in our diocese http://dioogdensburg.org/pro-life/Gabriel%20Project.html 

Although the volunteers are often thought of as women helping woman, men are also encouraged to help in supportive roles to the Gabriel Angels.  

What does it mean to offer help to a woman in a crisis pregnancy?

Simply put, the mother receives from us, the community of Church of the Visitation, what she needs so she can nurture the child in her womb.  She receives love, care, material help, as well as, spiritual and emotional support.  It means that we, as Church, offer a woman in a crisis pregnancy an alternative solution to abortion.

 For the past year interest has been generated in starting a Gabriel Project at our Church of the Visitation.
 We can all help in this ministry in some way.

*We need volunteers

*We need prayers

*We need people willing to provide transportation

*Perhaps you would be willing to organize a baby shower or sew or knit baby items

*You can make a monetary donation or plan a fundraiser

*Help is needed in organizing and keeping track of donations

*You can become an angel, a person who walks with the mom through her pregnancy

St. Mary's in Potsdam is willing to help train our volunteers.

For more information please contact

St. Mary's Catholic Church 265-9520

or e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.